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How do I select the right STANLEY Hand Truck?

First select the maximum capacity you need. Next, decide if you need the convenience of a foldable truck or not. Finally, decide if you require other features like reinforced wheel guards, larger wheels, an extendable platform, or a convertible multi truck.

Should I choose a steel or aluminium STANLEY Hand Truck?

If you want the strongest, toughest Truck: go for steel. If the maximum load capacity is not your primary concern, then the lighter aluminium Trucks offer several advantages over steel. They are easier to handle and move around, more rust resistant, and even come in fully foldable models.

Should I go for a folding platform or a fixed platform?

A folding platform is usually much larger than a fixed platform. If you need to transport big bulky items, then a folding platform is ideal. If you need to move very heavy items then a fixed platform is recommended, since they tend to have a higher maximum load capacity.

What about stair climber wheels?

Stair climber wheels always have a wheel in contact with the stairs you’re moving up on. This greatly reduces the effort required to pull items up a stairway, as the Truck is always rolling and not sliding. On flat surfaces it is the other way around: there are always two wheels in contact with the ground, making a stair climber truck a little more difficult to maneuver around corners.

What handle shape do I need?

If you need to be able to operate the STANLEY Truck with one hand: go for a P-Handle or looped handle. As soon as the load becomes too heavy to be operated with one hand, you’re better off with a set of standard handles. Standard handles allow for a wider grip, giving you more control over the STANLEY Truck.

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